Letter from Department Chair


Chen, Chia-Hui

Why you should join us? A Letter to New NMCA Students :

Among the departments of Communication in Taiwan, only the Graduate Program in New Media and Communication Administration at MCU aims at the mega trends identified in recent surveys. New Media and Communication Administration introduces to you a new world, comprising Cloud Computing, Data Analysis, Social Marketing, Digital Content, and Multimedia Applications. New Media and Communication Administration Curriculum design also includes Financial Analysis, Human Resources Planning and Media Marketing Analysis to cultivate you as a holistic talent who will be hotly recruited by firms around the world!

The article "Global Hot Talents" published in the March 2015 issue of Business Weekly, reported survey results of talents in different industries. The millennials with the most potential are those who not only understand what is inferred, but are also excel at using interdisciplinary knowledge, understand network thinking, know how to embed code and understand the meaning of each Google Analytics indicator; these have already become basic competencies.

A recruitment advertisement published in China Times in March 2015 required that applicants be familiar with all kinds of social networking sites and the operation of fan groups, understand the network environment and network language, and also be familiar with Photoshop. Furthermore, applicants familiar with e-business and network media or have relevant marketing experience with web portals would be preferred.

According to a reliable source, udnTV was closed at the end of 2015 after only three years of operation due to financial losses. This event highlights out that developing network media not only requires a grasp of technology, but also an understanding of business models, as well as audience demand, and methods for creating profit and managing operations.

Please keep in mind that you are not going to enter the "New Media" century because you are already in the "New Media" and "Self-media" century. If you want to increase your personal value and competitiveness, you must plan your limited time and resources efficiently. Welcome to join the Graduate Program in New Media and Communication Administration, the only program in Taiwan oriented towards "New Media".

We are ready, how about you?