Departmental Features

1.The Only Department Established in Taiwan Based on New Media

Currently, the communication departments in Taiwan maintain focus on the traditional media regarding curriculum and faculty members; only a small percentage of them have new media courses. This curriculum plan is largely not aligned with trends in societal development. Ming Chuan University Department of New Media and Communication Administration is the only unit on top of this trend, defining the department based on new media to be aligned with the latest trends in employment.

2.The Department with the Most Valuable Curriculum

We invite excellent full-time faculty members and industry practitioners to teach students to apply diverse software, including: Premiere, Indesign, Photoshop, Animator, Dreamweaver, Muse, Illustrator, Miner, After Effect, Sketchup, Web mining, 3D MAYA, Tableau and Gephi, and assist students in earning international certificates to enhance their employability.

3.The Department with the Most Valuable

Students who complete the four years of study in the New Media and Communication Administration (NMCA) Department are guaranteed to cultivate capacity in digital image processing, editing, e-book editing, elementary animation production, homepage production, image processing, data mining, front-end web content design and back-end web management, animation visual effects operation and character mining, 3D animation processing and advanced data analysis. With these digital professional skills and the courses in communication content production, financial management, e-business and marketing planning, students will be nurtured as talents for the media industry to be willing to hire them at higher salaries.

4.The Department Most Closely Related to Emerging Industries

Our students have the opportunity to participate in industry internships through on-campus internships and academia-industry collaborations to apply what they have learned in the workplace. Moreover, the Department has already signed academia-industry collaborations with many firms to offer opportunities for students to apply what they have learned and get ready to join the workforce, in areas such as homepage production, APP platform design, community management, back-end data flow management and e-business operations.