Department of New Media and Communication Administration defines the department based on cultivating talents in this new era of new media. In order to promote students’ learning outcomes, the department emphasizes students’ application abilities; students’ works can be presented on the digital multimedia experimental platform. Furthermore, in order to promote students’ relevant knowledge and professional competency in information, multimedia design and communication, the Department has established many cross-disciplinary Focused Course Programs to provide multi-faceted learning opportunities and extend students’ worldview. Special topics lectures are held by the Department in line with curriculum content, where experts are invited from the industries to introduce new knowledge and employment trends. We continue to provide more and more academia-industry collaboration opportunities through the collaboration with industries that assist students in preparing for employment.

In order to enhance student’s practical abilities, the Department has established Digital Communication Center and Virtual Studio to promote students’ Digital Content Production System Competency, Digital Video Content System Competency, Digital Video Content Marketing Competency and Digital Content Data Flow Analysis Competency. The curriculum is continually updated based on the above competencies to assist students in learning the knowledge and skills of new media age, which include digital media trends, cloud information management, data analysis ability, digital content production, cloud curation, social marketing operations, public relations planning, human resources and financial management analysis. These are incorporated into the official curriculum to cultivate faculty members’ and students’ research and practical competency through earning certificates and the combined input from industry experts and academia-industry collaborations.

Our graduates have the opportunity for further study at related graduate schools and to earn professional certificates in Communication Marketing, Website Design, Media Design and Advertising Design. After graduation, our students are qualified for positions such as media human resources administrator, media financial planning administrator, media editing and interviewing administrator, multimedia promotion planner, website multimedia designer, marketing planner, public relationship activity planner, activity designer, advertising planner, graphic designer, packaging designer, exhibition designer, commercial photographer, digital editor and computer animation artist.